Jaime Teevan, Ph.D.
Blog, Twitter: @jteevan
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 421-9299
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Jaime is passionate about mentoring young researchers and encouraging women to pursue computer science careers. She works closely with graduate students, talks regularly on topics related to gender and family, organized the Microsoft Research Diversity Lecture Series, and publishes a popular web series on academic writing. As a mother to four wild children, Jaime is particularly interested in helping researchers integrate parenthood with their academic pursuits. She has written several articles about conference travel with children, and worked with conference organizational committees to implement better support for attendees with families.

Nathan Hahn Carnegie Mellon University 2020 Kittur, Myers, Perer DEVCOM, Army Research
Peter Organisciak University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2015 Twidale, Efron, Downie University of Denver
Erik Choi Rutgers University 2014 Shah, Belkin, Radford Dropbox
Harmanpreet Kaur University of Michigan 2017, 2018 Iqbal
Alex Williams University of Waterloo 2017, 2018 Iqbal University of Tennessee
Nathan Hahn Carnegie Mellon University 2016 Iqbal DEVCOM, Army Research
Victoria Zayats University of Washington 2016 Toutanova, Iqbal Google
Rhema Linder Texas A&M 2015, 2016 Iqbal University of Tennessee
Carrie Cai Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2015 Iqbal Google
Nick Greer University of Arizona 2015 Iqbal, Paradiso Square
Niloufar Salehi Stanford University 2015 Iqbal, Kamar UC Berkeley
Ke Tran University of Amsterdam 2015 Toutanova, Amershi Amazon
Rajan Vaish University of California, Santa Cruz 2015 Monroy-Hernandez Snap Research
Justin Cheng Stanford University 2014 Iqbal, Bernstein Facebook
Mona Haraty University of British Columbia 2014 Iqbal, Wang 6crickets Inc.
Carsten Eickhoff Delft University of Technology 2013 Dumais, White ETH Zurich
Yubin Kim Carnegie Mellon University 2013 Collins-Thompson UPMC Enterprises
Walter Lasecki University of Rochester 2013 Kamar University of Michigan
Chia-Jung Lee University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2013 de la Chica Microsoft
Peter Organisciak University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2013 Kalai, Dumais University of Denver
Shiri Azenkot University of Washington 2012 Morris Cornell Tech
Sanjay Kairam Stanford University 2012 Dumais, Morris Twitch
Jin-Woo Jeong Hanyang University 2012 Morris Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Matthias Boehmer DFKI, Saarland University 2012 Saponas Technische Hochschule Koeln
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Michael Bernstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011 Dumais, Horvitz Stanford University
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Jon Elsas Carnegie Mellon University 2009 Dumais, Morris Google
Katrina Panovich Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2009 Morris Google
Paul Andre University of Southampton 2008 Dumais Facebook
Eytan Adar University of Washington 2007 Dumais University of Michigan

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